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I guide adventurous spirits on a deep journey to retrieve lost parts of themselves by closing old doors and allowing new ones to open. Leading to a rapid transformation through heart and soul into a beautiful whole being.

A magical blend of guidance, coaching and tapping into your own innate intuition.

Welcome to Laura Hart Home

laura hart: artist & intuitive coach

My mission is to guide you back home; back home to yourself. For you to become the powerful creator of your own life. By guiding you to find the power within to create the life that you have always dreamed of, I can help you to find all of the hidden gems that are buried there, beneath the surface, glistening. Together, we can shine a light on your gifts and talents through a wonderful world of creativity, soul and spirit.

I'm a soulful artist

Experience connection through art

Helping you find your spiritual home

learning to hear the whispers of your intuition is the fastest way to connect back to who you really are.

If you wish to shine a light on what is blocking you right now, keeping you stuck repeating patterns and bring clear guidance on how to confidently move forward, a card reading might be for you.

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