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1to1 Intuitive Card Reading Session 30-60mins

"card readings are one of the fastest ways to connect with your intuition and receive answers on specfic questions you have been pondering and move forward."

This is for you if you wish to shine a light on what is blocking you right now, keeping you stuck repeating patterns and bring clear guidance on how to confidently move forward.

This isn’t for you if you want me to provide future predictions. I believe you have the power to find your own answers but I also know when you start this intuitive journey, hearing your own guidance can be tricky as it can be a very quiet whisper and can be easily drowned out by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I believe having someone who can hold the space for you and offer wisdom so you can hear this guidance is invaluable in helping you move forward with ease and flow.

For a limited time only, I am offering a 30 minute session so you can try without too much commitment and then you can always add an extra 30mins if the session is flowing or you can confidently book a 1 hour session to receive the most value.

If you would like to learn ‘How to read your own cards’ then you might be interested in my other offering below. 

"Clarity & Focus"

‘Laura has a gentle and beautiful energy, I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable during our session. Laura explained how it would go and she was happy to answer any questions I had. My intuitive session left me excited and energised about what I had learned about my past and gave me focus on my future, I highly recommend a session with Laura especially if you are at a crossroads and feel like there is something holding you back. The session will give you clarity and focus.’

- Jo

Learn How To Read Your Own Cards 1to1 Session - 60mins

Learning to read your own cards is a powerful way for your inner guidance to shine through

I believe we are all capable of hearing, translating and taking aligned action on the wisdom we can hear, sense, see from our own innate guidance system. The first part of this session, is learning how to create sacred space for yourself to hear the whisperings of your own intuition. Believe it or not this is the most important step for your intuition to fully come on line and be easy to translate.

Finally! How to hear your own inner expert. She is there, I promise and she’s free!

This is a fun, explorative session. I will be there as your guide. 

You can come with questions you wish to have answered or just come with an open heart. Both are welcome. 

You will come away with a clear way of how to utilise the cards for your own explorative journeys. 

How to ask the ‘right’ questions to gain clarity with the issues and challenges of everyday life.

 And how to create sacred space in order for this beautiful wisdom to come through.


"The Encouragement I Needed"

“Laura had a calm presence. She’s very thoughtful and makes you feel at ease. She did automatic writing and a card reading for me and the message that came out was absolutely amazing. It described exactly what I am working on at the moment. It was so supportive and confirming. Giving me the encouragement I needed to go forward. The card reading was spot on. I could see myself reflected and again the right message came for me. I can highly recommend a session with Laura. She is a gem. Thank you so much, Laura.”

- Chantal

Featured in...

Kindred Spirit Magazine, September 2019

I am excited to say that I am featured in the artist pages of this beautiful magazine.

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