Keep Moving

How to shift your energy in an instant.There are so many meanings for this message. The first one is literally. I know you are all at home right now and you may feel restricted in your movement. Sometimes we can unintentionally embody this feeling of stuckness, unable to move forward. Because it is how we […]

8 Benefits of Intuitive Visualisation

Creative visualisations activate the imagination. It allows the right brain to engage in an experience through seeing it, feeling it and believing it. It is a type of mental rehearsal. If you can imagine it, you CAN create it. Because your mind knows no difference between what is real and what is imagined. When we […]

Intuitive Visualisation to Unlock Fast Decision Making in 5 Steps!

1 Silence Finding and creating the space and time to simply sit and reflect is absolutely necessary to be able to tap into your intuition and connect to your inner guidance system. Your intuition can be a soft whisper, so to be heard you need become still and quiet. 2 Meditation This doesn’t need to […]

Sing in Tune with Your Song

In a moment, you can share your song.Each unique note and key.In a moment, you can share a deep part of your soul with another.A true connection.To share your song, you share your story.In a real, authentic way.It takes great courage and it can make you feel vulnerable.But you will reach another who may have […]

Endings and Beginnings

To step forward, we need to let go.Of all the old stuff.The stuff that keeps us stuck and repeating the past.This is the physical and energetic stuff too.The books, clothes and people that we hold onto.Because we have deep emotions attached to them.The resentment. The guilt we hold, blocking our hearts.And the emotions that we […]

Shine Zone

Are you ready to step into your Shine Zone?This is where you step into your truest power.Where you are connecting with the real you.An expansion of energy.Of light.To connect you with your unique gifts and talents.To be in flow….daily.To take those gifts and to shine them into the world anyway you can.To get here, you […]

The Magic of a Word

The magic of one single word can ignite your imagination in a nano second.To choose a word that means so much to you. That you embody. Can bring a creative spirit like you back to the ground. To take all those ideas you have spinning around your head that keep you in the sky, dreaming. […]

True Self Acceptance

Acceptance is about honoring where you are right now.Honoring who you are in this moment.Its about letting go of where you think you should be.Where others want you to be.It’s about being firmly rooted to mother earth.Like a grand old oak tree, strong roots that spread deeply underground. You cannot see them but they are […]

Reach Out with Both Arms

Now is the time to reach out with both arms for what you want. Look into the nothingness, a blank space to create something meaningful, something heartfelt, something deeper. Because you are the creator of your own life and you deserve to experience true connection, connection to the divine. You may feel like you have […]

You Rise Too

Like the sunrises everyday. You rise too.Some days you will be colourful and in your glory and some days the clouds will descend and you will want to retreat and regroup.If today is for retreating, then find time to honour this need.Do something for you. Be ‘selfish’.Put yourself first.Say no.Go out for a walk, run […]

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