Endings and Beginnings

To step forward, we need to let go.
Of all the old stuff.
The stuff that keeps us stuck and repeating the past.
This is the physical and energetic stuff too.
The books, clothes and people that we hold onto.
Because we have deep emotions attached to them.
The resentment. The guilt we hold, blocking our hearts.
And the emotions that we are addicted to feeling in our bodies.
That keep us in chains and going round and round in circles in our mind.
But what if we could be brave and let go?
Maybe we could taste freedom.
How does freedom feel?
What does it look like?
It’s time to immerse ourselves in what freedom truly is.
Because it is the key to opening the door.
We need to literally tear down what is blocking the door before we can turn the key.
Friendships that are no longer working, clothing that no longer fits, the feelings we no longer what to feel.
The guilt, the shame, the resentment.
Forgiveness but not forgotten for all.
All these things keep us stuck on the other side of the door.
They really can have this much power over us.
Because if we are full up with the old, how can we bring in the new?
You already know in your heart what it is you need to let go of.
So you can create a new beginning and take that one golden step forward into new horizons.

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