Fully Ignite

The Wisdom Within
Group Experience

The Wisdom Within
Group Experience

Calling all women who are ready to Fully Ignite in 2024!

Reawaken your intuitive psychic abilities so you can finally trust and listen to your wisdom within and start living in full alignment with your soul’s unique journey to the heart. 

Reserve your spot for a brand new 3 month group experience with Laura Hart and an intimate community of heart centred women who choose to experience the power of igniting their gifts. 

When you can nurture the natural born wisdom you hold within you, that no book can come close to matching, it brings clear realisations that YOU are the one you have been waiting for.

Fully Ignite – The Wisdom Within Experience is designed for you to skyrocket your natural gifts and abilities, leaving doubt and suppression of your sacred gifts behind so you can finally live in true authenticity of who you are and light up the world with your superpowers.

It was such a beautiful session, I received all I needed. In the past, I've resisted receiving and surrendering fully in sessions for concern of being 'too' or the other person not feeling able to hold the space. I feel neither with you. Such strength in your gentleness. It was a real pleasure.


When I walked to the side of the bridge that was filled with love, I felt freedom. I have confirmation that what I am doing is on the right path.


Thankyou so much. I think that's probably the most powerful session I've ever had 😉


You might be feeling...

  • That suppressing or denying of your natural gifts is no longer an option.
  • Like you can sense these abilities but you don’t know how to apply them to your life.
  • That you are tired of trying to fit into a world that doesn’t accept these natural abilities and the uniqueness of you.
  • Doubt that you even have an ability and this is getting in the way of you fully embracing this path.
  • That you need some reassurance that what you are receiving from spirit is real and you haven’t made it up!
  • Alone and that other people who don’t understand your natural affinity with the spirit world.
  • That psychic is a scary word, but actually we are all naturally born with psychic and intuitive that are programmed out of us.

You might be here because you're ready to...

  • Fully embrace this lost part of you – a sense of coming home to the wisdom within.
  • Transform your highly sensitive nature into a superpower and intergrate it into your everyday life.
  • Experience deep trust for the first time in your own intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Connect with other intuitive, adventurous souls.
  • Finally hear, sense or feel your inner guidance so you can start living in full alignment with the guidance you receive and feel flow again in your life.
  • Take your power back and make decisions that come straight from this innate wisdom you have in great abundance once you tap into the heart.

Intuitive Psychic, Healer, Artist and Spiritual Coach

I believe that every single woman can be empowered to receive their own clear guidance and put that guidance into practice to start living a life in alignment from the heart. My mission is to make using our intuitive powers as normal as doing the shopping!

My exploration of my own psychic & intuitive gifts began when I made the move to Nottingham UK in 2010. Since then, I have always had one foot firmly in the spiritual world and I have been exploring, experimenting with my spiritual gifts ever since taking many, many courses in healing modalities as well as strengthening my psychic connection to spirit.

From this I have experimented through groupwork, workshops and 1 to 1s blending movement, art, visual meditative healing journeys and breathwork into the mix making the connection with spirit even more powerful. I have run intuitive circles online creating community with people across the world. This is what I am now being called to share with you. For so long, I have shied away from calling myself a psychic because of the fear of what people may think.

My psychic seeing sense is my strongest and I express it through my art. I also hear and have a strong knowing around spirit too. I struggled with what to call myself and now I realise that it isn’t really important. What is important, is how I can deeply serve one woman at a time to help them to fully ignite their gifts so they can fully trust their guidance and create impact with their gifts in the world. THIS calling. I realise, is much more powerful then what people think of me.

Hi, I'm Laura Hart

Reawakening and nurturing intuitive psychic abilities needs to be experienced and put into practice. It cannot just be learnt from a book.

Like going to the gym, theses gifts need to be worked like a muscle. (Although no heavy lifting needed!). I can help you with this with my intuitive circle where you get to experience teaching and others sharing their gifts as well as the 1to1 mentoring and unique blend of spiritual coaching and healing. Pushing past any doubt, challenges that come up as we go so you can accelerate your gifts much faster!

This group experience is about the power of tuning in as a collective. It is always stronger as a group to tune into your abilities. You will find this is a great springboard and support in nurturing your own abilities.

What will you get when you join us?

We start Monday 15th January for 90 days of pure magic and adventure!

3x 1to1 Mentoring, healing, guidance & coaching sessions. (Valued at £333)

This includes:

  • Unlocking and amplifying your own unique intuitive gifts through a unique blend of spiritual coaching and mentoring, deep journeying and healing. Releasing anything in the way of fully embracing new wisdom and psychic gifts.
  • Tailored recorded powerful meditations in between sessions with short journaling exercises to support fully igniting your new, reawakened abilities.
  • In the final 1 to1  session, receive a spiritual reading from me looking at future possibilities for your abilities and how fully integrate them into your life.

10x Intuitive circles once a week teaching you live and replays available so you can experience your intuitive abilities with an intimate group of women. (Valued at £555)

This includes:

  • A collective spiritual reading at the beginning of the session.
  • Powerful intuitive exercises and teaching to uncover your gifts and then hands on practice with other women in the group. 
  • How to integrate intuition into your everyday life and not just practice behind close doors.

Access to me and connect with other Intuitive souls in a messenger group. 

All this only £444 for the first 5 people booked on.
£555 after that. Instalment plans available.

This experience will never be this price again. Once the doors close on 12th January they will not open again until later in the year.

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