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"Who am I?" 1to1 Intuitive Coaching

60 minutes
"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

This session is to hold space and time for you so you can connect with your inner guidance. We all have this innate ability to tap into this, but we are taught from a young age ‘to do as we are told’ and so often ignore the inner whispers of our guidance, the soul and this is where the feeling of being lost comes from. This session will shine a light on what is blocking you in your life right now and how we can turn this energy into how we can move forward. I will guide you on a journey back to who you really are. Once you can stand in the power of who you really are, you can move forward towards a life you have always dreamed of, that is aligned with who you really are.

Why book with me?

This is for you if you feel lost and dont know how to move forward. You are looking for clarity and a clear way forward. You often feel powerless. You don’t know what to do so you do nothing. You go round and round in circles in your head. You feel like something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it. And sometimes you even know what you need to do but out of fear and procrastination, you do nothing.

This session is to give you space and time to observe what is blocking you and see it from a new perspective so you can move forward. This is a journey of the heart not the brain. I can show you how tapping into your heart, lets the guidance flow through you. That you hold the key in how you move you forward. I can help you see what you can’t see right now. Get you thinking in different ways, a new perspective on the problem you are coming with today.

I can help empower you to hear the whispers of you intuition. This is the bridge between our conscious everyday life and what our soul wants us to know at a deeper level. It doesn’t always follow our conscious reasoning and this is why it often gets ignored because sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. My purpose is to stand by your side and guide you to guide yourself. Help you reflect and interpret the meaning of the messages coming through so together we can create a plan to take a step forward towards what you desire right now. To turn what you are struggling with into opportunity and growth.

This session is not about me providing all the answers for you, it’s about me guiding you to find the answer for yourself from within. You will leave feeling empowered, lighter with a clear way forward. You will feel confident to take that first step forward.


I will follow up with you via email at a date agreed together in the session.

This session will be held online. In person is also available upon request.


This intuitive session is the beginning of our work together and is about taking the first step. If you want a bigger transformation, please get in touch for information about my Shine Intuitive 4 month coaching program.

"Clarity & Focus"

‘Laura has a gentle and beautiful energy, I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable during our session. Laura explained how it would go and she was happy to answer any questions I had. My intuitive session left me excited and energised about what I had learned about my past and gave me focus on my future, I highly recommend a session with Laura especially if you are at a crossroads and feel like there is something holding you back. The Shine session will give you clarity and focus.’

- Jo

Bespoke Soul Colour Artwork & Reading

Soul Colour Message for Chantal

“A beautiful, vibrant golden aura encircles you. This denotes a spiritual teacher with high spiritual energy that is magnetic to others and is needed in this golden age. The more oranger tones indicate that you are stepping into your true power and the beautiful purple splashes show your ability to ask for guidance by going within.
With your arms stretched wide, you are a starseed sending out your beautiful light into the world for all to see. As a beacon of light, you stand tall ready to attract others on this journey with you.
The seeds are sown and the beautiful array of purple flowers are a symbol of profound growth and your gifts and talents are coming into a flowering stage. Go forth now and take your people with you on your mission… as you head into this golden age.”

See the beautiful colours of your soul
I can tap into your energy and create a beautiful piece of artwork encompassing your true authentic self from a soul level. These will appear as signs and symbols in your soul drawing. You will receive a bespoke piece of soul colour artwork for you and a handwritten message to go alongside that tells you the meaning.

Why have a soul colour reading?
These soul colour readings are created as an empowering visual to transport you straight back into what your soul is here to do. To raise your vibration and open your heart to the mission you are here to do with your amazing talents and gifts. It helps you connect with your higher self, raise your vibration and keep you motivated to move you forward on your journey.

Ever visited a card reading or been to an inspiring workshop and you feel on a high straight after? This high vibration is where the magic happens but this can quickly fades. This high vibration is the catalyst for change and empowers you to create the life you have always dreamed of. Your life purpose. This is why having a soul colour artwork and reading can help maintain your higher frequency.

Both will be unframed so you can pick your own.

Size will be approx 30cmx30cm

This can be a beautiful unique gift for a friend too. Please note depending on who the artwork is for, I will need you or your friend’s permission to tap into your energy and a picture of your friend if this is a gift.

What is included?

Channelled message from spirit with parts of it in the artwork as writing and symbols Bespoke soul art picture unframed original. Handwritten card with full message of channelled message from spirit. Postage and packaging included


"The Encouragement I Needed"

“Laura had a calm presence. She’s very thoughtful and makes you feel at ease. She did automatic writing for me and the message that came out was absolutely amazing. It described exactly what I am working on at the moment. It was so supportive and confirming. Giving me the encouragement I needed to go forward. The card reading was spot on. I could see myself reflected and again the right message came for me. I can highly recommend a session with Laura. She is a gem. Thank you so much, Laura.”

- Chantal

Featured in...

Kindred Spirit Magazine, September 2019

I am excited to say that I am featured in the artist pages of this beautiful magazine.

If you would like to purchase ‘Take me Home’ as a print, please click the button below.

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