Intuitive Visualisation to Unlock Fast Decision Making in 5 Steps!

1 Silence

Finding and creating the space and time to simply sit and reflect is absolutely necessary to be able to tap into your intuition and connect to your inner guidance system.

Your intuition can be a soft whisper, so to be heard you need become still and quiet.

2 Meditation

This doesn’t need to be long. It can just be 5-10 minutes.

The more the better.

Simply closing your eyes and really listen and pay attention to your breathing.

3 Trust and Surrender

Have you ever heard a little voice saying ‘I should of followed my gut?’

This is when we didn’t trust of intuition.

Logic and the thinking left brain can only give us partial answers to important decisions.

Intuition is our most reliable guidance system.

We all have it so why not use it? Especially in business.

Imagine if we used our intuition (right brain) and logic (left brain) together in our decision making?

For business and life?

Mistakes would happen less and we would build a deeper connection to our self.

So don’t analyse, question or invalidate your experience. These are all logical responses from the left brain and can limit our intuition.

Instead trust and surrender to the first answers you receive whether that be in the form of an image, a sound, a feeling, a thought or an idea.

4 Pen and Paper Handy

Have a pen and paper close at hand to take notes.

5 Visualisation as an Intuitive Tool

-Once you have mediated and you are in a space where you will not be disturbed;

-Think of a decision you need to make that is important to you.

-Think of the options and give each option a name.

-Take each option in turn and say the name outloud or in your head.

-Let go of any outcomes and let all images, words, sounds and feelings come through.

-Then imagine the option as a boat. What does it look like? How big is it? Is it seaworthy? Is anyone in the boat?

-Just let it come through.

-Now imagine the option in 5 years time? Say the option in your mind and just notice what comes through.

-Journal everything you experience.

-Repeat for all other options.

-Once you have done this for all options, make the intention ‘Decide Now’ and see which option is the right one for you.

I would love to hear from you if you give this a go. Either message me or share the experience in my Shine Community Facebook group.

This visualisation was inspired by the book ‘Power Words’ by Sharon Anne Kilinger.

Laura x

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