It’s Time to Light Up the World

We all have a light within us.
Some shine bright and some have been dimmed, almost gone out by all the debris of life.
Our job as light workers is to brush off this debris, to unearth what is already there.
For we all have hidden treasure waiting to be found inside of us.
For it to shine bright.
And like the surface of a diamond, we are all multi-faceted human beings.
In the summer, I had a very vivid visualisation of floating above the earth and seeing a grid of light.
I could see lights switching on all over the world with an electric energy.
This is how we grow stronger. By lighting each other up, forming networks and coming together in circles of light all across the world.
As I write this, I know and feel this in my heart.
I know as a planet, we will get there.
It all starts with a single light.
That’s you.

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