Keep Moving

How to shift your energy in an instant.

There are so many meanings for this message. The first one is literally.

I know you are all at home right now and you may feel restricted in your movement.

Sometimes we can unintentionally embody this feeling of stuckness, unable to move forward.

Because it is how we feel.

This feeling then feeds into other areas of our lives such as your business, your motivation to do things.

And I know many of you meditate every day.

But this isn’t enough.

You need to MOVE your body.

1.When you move your body, you are sending a message to your brain that you are able to move, to flow and move forward.
It doesn’t have to take long. Put a song on that you connect with. That has a positive influence on your body. That feels expansive and freeing.
If you are on spotfy or another music app, I love the song: ‘This is the day’ by Jaya Lakshmi.
Anything that inspires FLOW, MOVEMENT, a sense of a forward movement in your body.

2.Ask yourself powerful questions when you feel stuck and demotivated.
What does a day in FLOW feel like for you? What one thing could I do right now to feel FLOW?
If you take the time to journal the answers, you will be surprised at just what comes through. Your soul know exactly how to move forward. It’s the EGO that pulls us back. It also immediately sends a message to the body that you are able to move forward.

3.Set a timer and start one thing you have been putting off for days, weeks, months. Commit to doing it for 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s the thought of starting something that holds you back.

4.Turn the news off, limit social media. Become unattached to what is happening in the outside world. I have been doing this since this all started. When I do end up reading, it leave me feeling fearful and anxious to what is coming next. This is not a feeling I want in my body.

Becoming centred in an uncentred world is tricky right now. The more you can anchor yourself into the energy you want to feel the better. E.g. I am FLOW, I am LIGHT, I am EXPRESSION, I am SAFE, I am EXPANSIVE.
Keep coming back to these affirmations and really anchor them in the body through dance ,through connecting with the heart and breathing them into the body.

I have written these practical steps based on the feedback from the people I have been doing my Quantum Flow sessions with.

If you would like to find out more about Quantum Flow and how I can help you, please get in touch HERE for a free consultation.
I am currently putting together a program of Quantum Flow and coaching so I will be in touch to tell you more!  

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