My story

"Who am I?"

This is a question that only recently, I have been able to know the answer without mentioning the job I do, my name or where I live.

These things are important but they are what we are in the outside world. Our true life’s mission starts from within… My name is Laura by the way! And I am a intuitive card reader, soulful artist and Quantum flow practioner. 🙂

My story has been about breaking free from the ‘Box’. The box being the programming, the stories and the limiting beliefs that I have grown up with from well-meaning people, mentors saying ‘There’s no money in art’, ‘Get a proper job’, ‘Only men can have money’, ‘Girls don’t cry’ and many, many more!! As well as the need to be approved not judged by the people around me. I wasn’t even aware for a large part of my life that I was living in this little box, playing small and trying not to upset anyone.

But with all these constraints came the burning desire to break free. I have tried sooo many different things over the years to move forward and release the feeling of restriction in my life from past life therapy, to counselling to hypnotherapy to yoga to mindfulness and this has all helped me inch forward but nothing accelerated me forward like Quantum Flow. Quantum Flow is a practice I do daily that releases all these stories and memories from the body and it has been absolutely life changing for me. I have gone from being lost and feeling blocked, not knowing how to move forward, to consciously being aware of what’s holding me back, burning those stories down and moving forward with ease. Calling in the energy I choose to call in into my life. It has taken me on a magical journey back to SELF.

Learning who you are is not selfish.

When you can stand in the power of who you are, a-m-a-z-i-n-g things happen!! You can serve the world from the energy you cultivate from within. From a view of freedom, expansion and flow. This is the channel I bring to you through my artwork and my journey to become a Quantum Flow practitioner.

Quantum Flow has flowed into my creative world in ways I have never experienced. Instead of taking weeks and months to create ONE single piece of artwork, it can take as little as a few days. Visions and inspiration flow to me so much more freely and I have experienced the feeling of being lost in time and space of flow without the overthinking mind coming in, telling me ‘You will make a mistake’ or ‘You need to rest now’.

A real sense of FREEDOM to create without the restrictions of the overthinking mind. Don’t get me wrong, those thoughts are sometimes there, but I am able to observe them from outside of them without getting lost in them.

A magical journey back to self

Learning to hear the whispers of your intuition is the fastest way to connect back into who you really are. If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me or check out my current offerings in the card reading section and shop.

Look forward to this journey together,

Laura x

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