1:1 Heal Within

A Transformational Healing Space

A Transformational Healing Space

Are you ready to go inwards into the space of your own being?

I hold a deeply loving, safe space for you so that you transform and heal from within. The answers you are seeking aren’t out there amongst the chaos of the world, they are inside you.

Getting quiet and listening is the key to hearing the answers that lie within and begin a deep transformation through body, mind and spirit. 

You are the one you spend the most time with.

So what would it feel like to become your own best friend on this journey we called life?

What would it feel like to have a loving voice inside your head everyday? How much easier would it be to choose the things that light you up that and make you feel alive? This is what we cultivate in this session“.

It was such a beautiful session, I received all I needed. In the past, I've resisted receiving and surrendering fully in sessions for concern of being 'too' or the other person not feeling able to hold the space. I feel neither with you. Such strength in your gentleness. It was a real pleasure.


When I walked to the side of the bridge that was filled with love, I felt freedom. I have confirmation that what I am doing is on the right path.


Thankyou so much. I think that's probably the most powerful session I've ever had 😉


I hold a deep, healing space so you can:

  • See new perspectives that you could not see before. Its almost like ‘How did I not see that?’ because the filters of our wounds we carry limit our capacity to see the possibilities in front of us. This in itself can create so much external change as something clicks inside.
  • Be totally and utterly you. Feel your pure essence.
  • Experience equilibrium in mind, body, spirit.
  • Breath. Literally a breathing space to come back in touch with yourself and tune into your own wisdom.
  • Transform stress, tension and the chattering mind into quietness and calm in the mind, body and spirit.
  • .Move forward with clear clarity back into the world.

Healer, Space holder, Intuitive Artist

I hold a deeply loving space so that you can transform and heal from within.

Dear Beautiful Soul,

When you are ready to get quiet and be in the space of your own being and remember that gentle nurturing of oneself,

I am here,

This isn’t an easy journey,

It is a journey to a metamorphic change beyond comprehension that’s is worth every second, 

It is a beautiful cocooning,

Becoming your bestest friend through listening to your own feeling and emotions,

And honouring them. 

Because when you are ready to come out of that cocoon, you will have transformed beyond your wildest dreams, 

But this isn’t into something new,

This is what you were always meant to be,

It was written in the stars before you were born,

Your full, vibrant essence, to come alive before your very eyes, 

You just couldn’t see it, 

Until you became quite and still, 

You see the caterpillar was also beautiful, 

But there comes a time when you are ready to create that change,

It’s breath-takingly, beautiful to be part of your journey and watch this divine transformation, 

And I would be honoured to be by your side,

So you can take flight into the next chapter of your life whatever that maybe, 

I’m here when you are ready,

Love Laura x

If you would like to get to know me a little better, you can find me on Youtube here, Facebook here or join my mailing list here. You can also book 1:!1 Heal Within here.

Hi, I'm Laura Hart

"You are the one you have been waiting for. You hold the most deep magical wisdom within you that no book, teacher or guru can ever come close to".

And I really mean this.

To do this takes a whole load of trust, belief and courage. 

And having someone walking beside you that you can trust. 

To acknowledge and witness what you are sensing from the spirit world, 

Is gold dust.

This is my superpower and I am here to fully support you in your own unique magical journey. Through intuitive circles where you get to experience teaching and others sharing their gifts as well as the 1to1 mentoring and unique blend of spiritual coaching and healing. Pushing past any doubt and challenges that come up as we go so you can accelerate your gifts much faster!

This group experience is about the power of tuning in as a collective. It is always powerful as a group to tune into your gifts. You will find this is a great springboard and support in nurturing your own abilities.

What will you receive when you join us?

We start online on Monday 15th January for 90 days of pure magic and adventure!

3x 1to1 via zoom Mentoring, healing, guidance & coaching sessions. 

This includes:

  • Unlocking and amplifying your own unique intuitive gifts through a unique blend of spiritual coaching and mentoring, deep journeying and healing. Releasing anything in the way of fully embracing new wisdom and psychic gifts.
  • Tailored recorded powerful meditations in between sessions with short journaling exercises to support fully igniting your new, reawakened abilities.
  • In the final 1 to1  session, receive a spiritual reading from me looking at future possibilities for your abilities and how fully integrate them into your life.

10x Intuitive circles once a week with a intimate group of women. This will be online via zoom teaching you live with the chance to practice with other intuitive souls.  Replays will be available for those who can not attend live. 

This includes:

  • A collective spiritual reading at the beginning of the session.
  • Powerful intuitive exercises and teaching to uncover your gifts and then hands on practice with other women in the group. 
  • How to integrate intuition into your everyday life and not just practice behind close doors.


Access to me and connect with other Intuitive souls in a facebook group with access to all replays and resources.

All this only £997!

This unbelievable value and this experience will never be this price again. Once the doors close on 12th January, they will not open again until later in the year.

If you still have questions that need answering or you would like to ask about a payment plan, you can book a call with me below.

“When you start to trust the wisdom within, you no longer need to rely on outside sources. You become the one you have been looking for.”

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