Hartflow Quantum Flow Group Sessions

Are you ready to transform what IS holding you back into what can accelerate you forward with ease, grace and flow?

The Hartflow sessions are designed to be the first step to create change in every of your life and business. I have created them to hold a safe space for you so can transform any feelings of heaviness, stuckness into flow, lightness and to build a clear path forward to the life of your dreams.
It is the pure magic of the alchemy process…transforming what is heavy into what is light.

These sessions invite the energy you wish to see in your life and business into your body first. Your body is a vehicle of creating what you choose in your life. So if you want to be happy, you experience being happy deeply in your body first. This then attracts happiness into all areas of your life in miraculous ways the limitation of the mind cannot expand too. It’s amazing to see what comes into your life once you begin this new way of being.

Because what you are searching for is not outside of you. It is inside and waiting to be ignited.

Through movement, breathwork, dance and meditation, the energy is amplified through a beautiful vortex that we create together as a group.

Bringing this lightness into every area of your life.

These sessions are for you:

If you are struggling with feeling heavy and just not having the energy you need to move forward but are ready to experience LIGHTNESS and to be able to connect with the joy of your inner child.

If you are struggling with always pushing and hustling through life and business and seem to be working really hard but not receiving an exchange of energy in your life and business, but are ready to be in FLOW so things start to happen with ease and grace.

If you are struggling with feeling trapped, restricted, hiding and not being fully visible in life and business, I can guide you to open those wings and feel the EXPANSION in your body.

If you are struggling with feeling scattered, feeling lost, start things but don’t finish them or just feeling like you aren’t moving forward, I can guide you become laser FOCUSSED so you can move forward.

If you are struggling with critical self talk, not making time for looking after yourself, I can guide you to speak and act KINDER to yourself.

"Balanced, Relaxed & Calm"

‘As an ultra-busy female entrepreneur, my main struggles are feeling overwhelmed with work and lacking a work/life balance. I also felt guilty at the thought of taking any time for myself, as I have quite a workaholic nature. In particular, I struggle with a lack of balance, people pleasing and a feeling of being enclosed and trapped by my work life – despite the fact that I absolutely love what I do. Whilst some of the exercises pushed me out of my comfort zone as an introvert with no rhythm, it was an insightful session that left me feeling more balanced, relaxed and calm. It was lovely to spend some time just working on myself, and Laura put me at ease very quickly and I found myself opening up and feeling more comfortable with the exercises.’

- Katie

Energy Vortex

Each energy we call in, we will dive deeper into it over 4 weeks. Here are some of the energies we will begin to call in so we can experience them deeply within our bodies.


FLOW 4 Week Series

The first energy we will focus on is FLOW. FLOW affects every area of your life. If you move through life trying to control what is happening, pushing and pulling, with impatience and know this is not for you, it is time to choose a new energy. FLOW is beautiful energy, soft, feminie and it allows life to happen through you. When we can surrender and allow what is happening to happen, we can quite literally go with the flow of life. There will always be challenges in life but like a stone in a fast moving stream, we gracefully flow around it.

Even if you are struggling with all or some of these blocks, committing to these sessions tells the universe you are ready for change! And even if you come to the session already feeling the energy we are calling in, that energy will be amplified to attract even more of the energy we are calling. Powerful stuff!

Your body is simply amazing and will never show you anything it doesn’t think you can’t transform. These sessions are held in a safe container for this deep transformational work to begin to happen and to start to build a deep connection with your body.

“The moment you decide you are ready for change is the moment the change happens!

So for example, if you would like to be more confident. Confidence is not found outside of ourselves, it is found from within us. Confidence is a state of being. You cant ‘do’ confidence you can only ‘be’ it. And when you decide to be confident, imagine how much easier it is it is to create social media posts, go live and say yes to something you would normally say no to? And interact with other people with confidence?
So if you are ready to deep dive into change and transformation at a deeper level, please get in touch, we would love to have you in the group.

"Expansive, Liberating & Freeing"

- Becky

Out with the old, in with the new

-You will leave feeling the lighter, brighter and ready for the day ahead. One thing is for sure, everyone benefits from you attending these sessions. Thats all the people that are around you in your life!

Its time to do things differently, its time to let go of the old energy and welcome in the new. New energy brings new opportunities and perspectives. You start to see things that were always there but in the old energy you couldn’t see the opportunities that where staring you in the face as well as synchronicities that start to happen when you being to align to new energies. It really is magic!

When you leave the session each week to start your day, you will be showing up in a supporting energy of FLOW to make decisions that support and align to the highest version of you in your life and business.

Group sessions are the first step to deeper transformation and as a group, the energy we call in will be powerful and amplified by our combined energies. Through choosing the energy we wish to call in over 4 weeks, we create a transformation which is amplified by the 3 values that the group is build on trust, commitment and a safe space, the masculine energy as well as lightness, joy and flow, the feminine energy.

If you wish to take an even deeper dive and experience faster change and transformation, please get in contact about my 1-to-1 Goldflow Intuitive Coaching sessions. These sessions are tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Interested in joining the group?

Session will be 10am London GMT Time over zoom Monday and Friday morning for 1 hour.

FLOW Series W/C Monday 15th or 22nd???

FLOW is a series of 4 sessions one per a week deep diving into the energy of FLOW.
I believe in making this accessible for all women that are ready for deep lasting change so I have given you a price range from £35 – £55 for the series of 4 sessions. I invite you to take a moment to feel into which price intuitively feels right for you and go with the flow. By purchasing this series, you have already committed to transformation!

If you cannot make the time of these sessions, please still get in touch as when these fill up, I may offer other sessions. There is a possibility of offering an evening session that will be a gentler practice to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Let me know if you are interested in this.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. My intention is to build the energy in the circle so I ask that you commit to all sessions in the series. If you have never done Quantum Flow and would like to try it, I am offering a free 1to1 with me so you can try it and get a feel for it. Please email me.

Quantum flow brings you back to your natural state. How you felt as a child when you felt light and curious about the world around you. We have all seen children where it doesn’t even cross their mind to think before they do something. They follow their flow, their joy. They don’t overthink or worry about what people think, they just flow with life. We can be in this state of childlike wonder and flow with life every single day! Quantum Flow reignited this state in your body through rewiring the brain. Quantum Flow works on many layers of our being physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and that is why it is a deeper practice.

Yes you can in the free flow parts of the session where I will tell you it is ‘freeflow’ so you can move how you want. I encourage you to this if this really helps you to let go and go with the flow. It is important that you do keep your video on for the rest of the session so I can see if you are doing the movements correctly. Remember everyone else will be too busy following the movements to notice what you are doing!

Wear something you can move freely and feel comfortable in.

Yes pen and paper. 

Practicalities of the session

We will start seated so make sure you have a chair where your feet can be placed flat on the floor and can be easily moved out the way.

Make sure you have enough space to move freely so move any obstacles out of the way. Always go at your own rhythm so if I am going faster of slower, you can just go at your own pace. Always listen to your body.

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