Shine Zone

Are you ready to step into your Shine Zone?
This is where you step into your truest power.
Where you are connecting with the real you.
An expansion of energy.
Of light.
To connect you with your unique gifts and talents.
To be in flow….daily.
To take those gifts and to shine them into the world anyway you can.
To get here, you need to choose to take the first step.
To step away from the limited energy of the comfort zone.
Playing it safe.
Stuck rigid to the spot.
Feeling like something is missing.
Not knowing where to start.
You can wear your slippers here and it may feel cosy for a while….
But at some point, you will have an overwhelming feeling to break free from the chains of the day to day.
What can often feel like ground hog day.
This journey can take a little longer, transformation doesn’t happen overnight.
It happens each day you take the right action, because a little of the right action adds up and before you know it, you will have crossed the rainbow bridge into the transformation of the Shine Zone.
It is more than worth the energy you give.
You get to wake up each day feeling free, invigorated and passionate because you are in alignment with who you really are.
My purpose is to stand by your side and guide you to take the first step onto the rainbow bridge and be there for the following steps until you get to the Shine Zone.
It can be scary, and a little bumpy!
But it is an adventure we can embark on together.
Because when you have someone who has walked in your shoes.
And is there for you, when you are going through the fear, the learning and you come out of the other side.
You will reach the Shine zone far quicker than doing it alone.
And you will learn how to stay here.
Shining your light brightly.

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