Sing in Tune with Your Song

In a moment, you can share your song.
Each unique note and key.
In a moment, you can share a deep part of your soul with another.
A true connection.
To share your song, you share your story.
In a real, authentic way.
It takes great courage and it can make you feel vulnerable.
But you will reach another who may have otherwise felt completely alone.
But now feels seen, acknowledged, like now they feel they can begin to share their own tune.
Just like a song, it has its high notes and low keys.
Different tempos and beats.
Sounds beneath sounds.
Crack open those lines of communication.
Speak those words you have been longing to say out loud.
It is truly healing to speak your own unique song to another.
Plunging to the depths of your heart, letting the light shine through.
Your song is healing for you.
It can be sung, spoken or written.
Turning your grief, sorrow, pain into great healing, for you and others.
If you go first, if you share first. If you can trust.
What you have inside you, needs to come out.
And is in great need in this world right now.
Start by writing it to yourself.
It maybe the breakthrough you need.
Your sequences of notes may be just the key to unlock the door of another.
Who knows who you can help and who you can connect with.
When you sing your tune out loud.

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