The Magic of a Word

The magic of one single word can ignite your imagination in a nano second.
To choose a word that means so much to you. That you embody.

Can bring a creative spirit like you back to the ground.

To take all those ideas you have spinning around your head that keep you in the sky, dreaming.

And channel them into ACTION.
To bring roots to your ideas and bringing you into alignment with who you are.

So choose your word intuitively because it has magical powers.

It is the magic word and the key to opening up your inner kingdom.

When you utter this magic word, a door will open for you.

A door that is full of treasures, healing, possibilities and childlike joy.

The unseen becomes seen,

The strange becomes the new normal. :0

And the darkness becomes light.

Your beautiful mind knows no different between what is real and what is imagined when a feeling is created from either or.

And this right here is the secret to creating the life and business that you want.

It’s the feeling you can visualise and imagine that is the key.

To make that feeling the word brings, you need a clear intention behind it.
Because this is what creates your reality.

Intention, feeling, a magic word.

And just like a child playing, creating a feeling, a story.
You can too!

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