True Self Acceptance

Acceptance is about honoring where you are right now.
Honoring who you are in this moment.
Its about letting go of where you think you should be.
Where others want you to be.
It’s about being firmly rooted to mother earth.
Like a grand old oak tree, strong roots that spread deeply underground. You cannot see them but they are there.
Keeping you anchored, standing tall, enabling you to bend in the wind and rain.
Because if you pause and take a moment to breath, you will realise that who you are right now is truly magnificent.
Standing confidently in your truth both rain and shine.
We are coming to the end of 2019, accept where you are. Reflect on how far you have come in this year.
The challenges you thought you would never overcome. You did! Congratulate yourself.
Small wins, big wins, big falls and big comebacks. Honour it all.
It only gives strength to your roots and food for your soul.
And know that all aspects of you are welcome here.
For each branch is an true gift and expression of you.
The sunshine in the day and the darkness at night.
It’s a gift to be you.

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